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Loud Silence is a Rock band from Athens, Greece. Andreas Giannakopoulos (Vox/guitar), Nick Giannakopoulos (Drums), Jason Therios (Bass/Synth) are the 20 years old members of the band. Loud Silence want to make a mix of the classic Heavy Rock sound with some Pop/Rock and alternative rock elements.
Since 2018 they have shared the stage with many bands from Greece and USA at venues all around Athens and Thessaloniki. They have also been a part of known festivals in their home country such as New Long Festival, Schoolwave e.t.c.
Their first album ‘Elements’ was released in 2020. The songs reflect the teen years of the band. The way their first influences helped them to shape something totally their’s for the first time. They will always be there to remind them the band’s starting line filled with love, passion, determination and dreams. Loud Silence unfold a combination of heavy-alternative rock riffs with grunge, stoner elements and catchy melodies, melodic vocal lines and breaks between the riffs. Elements got great feedback as they managed for the first time to travel abroad their music. Big Magazines from Greece and radio stations from Europe and USA browdcasted plenty of the songs and also CD’s and merchandise where sold.

Heavy Rockers Loud Silence are coming back with their new single Ball n’ Chain on the 19th of March after receiving great feedback for their debut album Elements from people, magazines and radio stations all over the world. Ball N’ Chain is a high energy pop – rock song with imposing drums, groovy basslines, synthesizer filtered with pop aesthetic that represents the development in their way of song writing and the minimalism Loud Silence want to express through their new music.

The beginning has been made for Loud Silence and they are looking forward to compose new songs and participate in gigs all over the world making their dream come true.